See also theses, publications for the details of our research.

Research Topics

Main research topics of our laboratory lie in the field of Software Engineering(SE). We also cover some related topics in the Data Engineering(DE) area.

  • SE: Analyses of software artifacts and software development histories
    • Program analysis (static and dynamic analysis)
    • Development history analysis
    • Mining software repository
  • SE: Support of software maintenance and software evolution
    • Program comprehension and software visualization
    • Debugging
    • Traceability management
  • SE: Software development support and automation
    • Software development environment, CASE tool
    • Program analysis (static and dynamic analysis)
    • Software configuration management
  • SE: Software analysis and design methodologies
    • Software reuse (software architecture, software patterns, and frameworks)
    • (Object-oriented) software analysis and design methodologies
    • Representations and exchange of design information
  • SE: Software engineering education
  • DE: Applications of data mining techniques
  • DE: Information retrieval and contents processing