Maps & Directions

Our laboratory is located on the 9th floor of West Bldg. 8E, Ookayama campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech).

Maps & Directions to Ookayama Campus, Tokyo Inst. of Tech.

The main gate of Ookayama campus is a 1-minute walk from Ookayama Station on the Tokyu Oimachi and Tokyu Meguro Lines.
For the details, see the access page in Tokyo Tech Web site.

Direction to 9th floor of West Bldg. 8E

West Bldg. 8E is the building No.26 in the following map.
It will take around 5 minutes from the main gate of Ookayama campus on foot.

Note that the West Bldg. 8 consists of east-tower (No.26) and west-tower (No.27).
Our laboratory’s rooms (#903, #904) are located on the 9th floor of the east-tower (No.26).
Please use the first elevator after entering the east-tower of West Bldg. 8.
If you pass the first elevator and go ahead, you will reach the west-tower, which does not connect to the east-tower except for the 3rd and the 10th floors.

There is a security gate at the elevator hall of the 9th floor.
If you reach the 9th floor, make a call at the extension 3929.

See also the campus map of Ookayama campus.